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Automate's powerful programming functionality giving your documents / data new function, purpose and value.
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Automate your data to deliver new value. 

What Skyline Automate does

Robotic Process Automation
A tool solving specific tasks that are often repetitive, complex and time consuming when done manually
Digital Process Automation
Optimize time and resources within an organisation. Deliver complex business and process workflows automatically

Examples of Automate projects

RPA -  Combine multiple PDF's into a single PDF file, also creating an index page
RPA - Format, produce and share report data automatically at the end of the day
DPA - Read data from an database, re-format data, create salutation, overlay form, send via email or print
DPA - Extract data from incoming PDF files, classify, store in CRM/SharePoint site with metadata

Skyline Automation - Toolkit for RPA / DPA

Skyline Automate provides a tool kit that delivers both robotic and digital process automation supporting Business Process Automation projects. These are not limited to print objects and similar constructs (data), but also apply to business workflows in Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance and Operations. Introducing these technologies into your business will make you more efficient, streamline essential business functions and add value to your business.

Skyline Automate can be deployed site wide performing defined tasks removing errors and delays, for everyone within the organisation.

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